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Three Legislators Lose Primary Elections - Link to Elections Information

August 06, 2014 7:55 AM | Anonymous

Kansas primary elections were held on Tuesday, August 5.  The primaries determine who will represent Democrat and Republican parties in the General Election November 4 – if there are candidates from more than one party on the ballot.

Most current legislators were able to retain their positions Tuesday, except for three legislators from the House of Representatives.  In District 50, Rep. Josh Powell (R-Topeka)  lost his position as the Republican nominee to Fred Patton.  The difference was less than 50 votes and the race wasn’t final until the provisional ballots are counted.  The winner will face Chris Huntsman (D) in the general election.

In District 65, Rep. Allan Rothlisberg (R-Junction City) lost the nomination to Lonnie Clark, who will run against Tom Brungardt (D) in the general election.  In District 93, Rep. Joe Edwards (R-Wichita) lost the nomination to John Whitmer, who will run against Sammy Flaharty (D) in the general election.

There were two State Senate races determined on Tuesday.  Richard Wilborn (R-McPherson) will serve District 35 after winning a five-person primary race to replace Senator Clark Shultz, who ran for Insurance Commissioner.  Former Rep. Marshall Christmann, R-Lyons, placed third in that race.

Molly Baumgardner, R-Louisburg, defeated Charlotte O’Hara (former Representative) to retain the senate seat for District 37.  Baumgardner had been appointed to replace Senator Pat Apple, who was appointed to the Kansas Corporation Commission.

The top statewide office-holders were able to hold onto their Republican nominations, but many news outlets are suggesting that the vote counts were close enough to indicate some voter dissatisfaction with these incumbents.  Governor Brownback / Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer defeated Jennifer Winn with 63% of the vote.  Congressman Mike Pompeo beat Todd Tiahrt with 63%.  Senator Pat Roberts beat challenger Milton Wolf in a three-way race with only 48%.  Congressman Tim Huelskamp beat his challenger with 55% of the vote. 

Republican Ken Selzer won the primary race for Insurance Commissioner and will represent the Republican Party in the general election in November.  There were five candidates in the race, including former Representative and (for a short time) Senator Clark Shultz.  Shultz chaired the House Insurance Committee for many years, but placed third in the race.

For more information about the candidates, see the attached report which has several spreadsheets detailing the races – including primary results and general election information.  It is color-coded, with the explanation in the first row.

Now is a great time to reach out and congratulate your local winners.  If there is a general election pending, be sure to offer your support to friendly candidates through financial contributions, hosting fundraisers or meet-and-greet events, and posting campaign signs on your property.

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