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Potential policy development regarding earned education credits following children in foster care.

  • June 22, 2010 9:35 PM
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    Amy Campbell (Administrator)
    The Coalition has sought to include topics relating to children's mental health issues and concerns at monthly meetings.  At the May meeting, Jane Adams shared the work of the iGrad Program operated by Keys for Networking.


    iGrad Program is designed to be sure that kids who are 15 and older and are in foster care get all of their school semester credits and ultimately graduate.  Over 2/3 of the kids in foster care did not get a full set of credits this last semester.  Over 1/3 have IEPs which are no longer valid (expired).  With multiple moves, they forget to renew them and they get lost.  How much of the problem is due to moving?  About half.  The other half is due to the lack of credits provided by PRTFs, group homes and residential facilities.  The iGrad program reaches out on behalf of the children to the organizations to get their earned credits documented and in place. 


    Discussion by the members including encouraging the Coalition Children’s Issues committee to meet to develop limited goals that might be accomplished by putting forward specific legislation to clarify how the earned credits should be documented and available to them.  One of the complicating issues is that education is truly locally controlled and credit requirements vary.  The KS Dept. of Education is charged by statute with addressing the process, but there is no statutory guidance.   


    Comments and ideas are welcome. 

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